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Vital Resources for Escorts & Sex Workers


Vital resources for escorts & sex workers

Sex workers around Asia and across the world are highly susceptible to all forms of abuse. According to Amnesty International, they are “an extremely marginalised group of people.” As such, it is not news when escorts are being discriminated, beaten up, sexually abused, and harassed. It is also a common scenario when sex workers are deprived of access to basic health services and housing assistance. Thanks to community organisations, vital resources for escorts & sex workers were made available for their perusal. These resources usually encompass their basic rights, online tips and guides, and programs funded by private organisations that escorts can take part of.

Vital Resources for Escorts & Sex Workers

There are numerous organisations and communities that advocate the rights of the underprivileged, including escorts and sex workers. Among the things that they are standing up for are issues on trafficking of women,  HIV and AIDS awareness, decriminalisation of prostitution, and illegal drug use. One can find plenty of vital resources for escorts & sex workers from these organisations:

  • Amnesty International

Amnesty International is fighting for all human rights, regardless of a person’s social stature or role in the society. The group is championing for the decriminalisation of all facets of consensual adult sex. There are still a lot of countries in the world that consider prostitution as a criminal offense. Because of this, sex workers are often coerced, exploited and abused.

Moreover, Amnesty International maintains their stand that those who take advantage of the plight of sex workers are the ones who should be criminalised. In addition, they aim to refocus the laws that explore trafficking and abuse instead of targeting the sex work, which would only put the people involved at a greater risk. You can find the campaigns, research and the projects of Amnesty International here.

  • Desiree Alliance

Desiree Alliance is a group led by former and current prostitutes. It is their goal to minimise the work-related harm that sex workers experience. In addition, Desiree Alliance pushes its political advocacies and provide health services to sex workers using their organisation as a platform.

The main goal of Desiree Alliance is to “reinvigorate the sex workers’ rights movement in the United States.” Today, the organisation is represented by health professionals, social scientists, sex educators and of course, sex workers. They conform to the belief of meeting their goals in a non-violent manner. For them, violence against any person is violence against all people. Get to know more about the community here.

  • Scarlet Alliance

Scarlet Alliance is an association of sex workers in Australia that aspires equality in terms of social, legal, political, cultural and economic justice for all sex workers. They are working to further the rights of sex workers through health promotion approaches.

Today, Scarlet Alliance is instrumental in the country’s response to HIV and AIDS among sex workers. They also advocate Peer Education, where anyone who has an understanding or experience in the sex industry gets to work as a peer educator. This program is said to be the most successful example of service delivery to escorts. Scarlet Alliance’s website provides vital resources for escorts & sex workers. You can acquaint yourself in here.

  • Sex Workers Outreach Project

Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) is Australia’s oldest and biggest community-based peer education sex worker organisation. Its main priorities are the prevention of HIV and STIs, education and health assistance to escorts in NSW. What helped them achieve a respectable status is how they work closely with escorts, the government, private organisations and health institutions.

Those who openly engage themselves in the sex work are given sex supplies, seminars on sexual health, and referrals for free legal counselling. SWOP also instituted a peer-based phone support service for sex workers. Read more on SWOP’s services and resources here.

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High Flying Escorts: Travelling the World


High Flying Escorts: Travelling the World

The boons of escorting are easy to identify, especially if we are talking about its monetary rewards. More often than not, high end escorts live a luxurious life that is envied by many. They get to enjoy the finer things in life, work in flexible hours, and become a high flying escorts: travelling the world. On top of that, money is never a problem as they get remunerated very well. Painting the town red in the best parties and events is also an added perk in this kind of work.

The Sun reported that the escorts on Instagram are the new ‘rich kids on Instagram’. These smoking hot courtesans regularly update their followers with posts from their recent trips, luxurious getaways, branded apparels, and of course, shots of their gifted bodies. A few months escorting for Sydney’s best brothel are a good stepping stone in becoming a high flying escorts: travelling the world. As a matter of fact, attractive women view sex as a physical skill worth commercially exploiting, which, in turn, can lead to a posh lifestyle and exciting travel opportunities.

High Flying Escorts: Travelling the World 

The lavish lifestyle of high flying escorts: travelling the world is also depicted in a series of books. According to the Daily Mail Online, a former escort based in New York launched an autobiographical cum fictional trilogy of her life as an escort. This woman, who is known as Lantana Bleu in the escort industry, revealed that she was used to men giving her a lot of money and flying her to various places for work.

But not all escorts are in it solely for the money. In an article from the Huffington Post, an escort shared what it is like to be “valued at a high price.” Aside from the financial perks of the job, she gets to see the positive effects of what she does for her clients. For example, her experiences with her clientele is more than physical. The more she spends her time with them, the more confident her clients become. There is something fulfilling in giving others a space where they can be who they want to be without being judged.

At the end of the day, work is work. There are sacrifices that need to be made in order to accommodate the client’s needs. But, hey! Who said that high flying escorts: travelling the world get everything handed to them on a silver platter?

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