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Halal Hookers: Do They Exist?


halal hookers

In Arabic, the word halal means permitted. With nearly 25% of the people in the world being Muslims, the “halal-ification” of goods as a commercial innovation is most likely aimed at capturing the Muslim market.

Of course we’ve all probably heard about halal food, halal wines, halal bacon (made from turkey meat) and others more, but halal hookers? Seriously? Apparently the “halal-ification does not end on goods alone.

The Belgian news Nord Presse reports that a new bar called Hot Croissant offers services of what it calls “halal prostitutes” for their Muslim clients. The first of its kind in Amsterdam, Hot Crescent offers certified halal prostitutes so that Muslims who want to get “some of it” can do so without violating their religion.

The bar claims that their halal ladies have a total ban on taking drugs and drinking alcohol. They are tested every 2 months to make sure they are clean. They are also to perform their five daily prayers according to Islamic tradition even if it’s right in the middle of a service. The halal prostitutes are also prohibited to swallow during oral sex. These specifications make these prostitutes halal certified and will give Muslims a healthy and guilt-free way to satisfy their sexual urges.

The idea of halal hookers is connected to Nikah al-Mut’ah or marriage for pleasure which permits temporary marriage where the extent is decided before marrying which is then automatically terminated upon the completion of the agreed time duration. Marriages may be renewed and monetary outlays will occur with the husband paying the wife. With the halal hook-ups, the client signs a temporary marriage contract with the prostitute which can last for a few hours or a couple of nights. When the contract expires, they are no longer married and the man has to pay the wife a dowry.

This practice has been very controversial. It is generally forbidden and is considered blasphemous particularly in Saudi Arabia which is known to purchase pleasure wives. Indonesia also has a tourist industry centred on this practice.

The subject of halal hookers has sparked a lot of controversies prompting satire and resentment in the Muslim world. Is it a solution to prostitution for Muslim men? Halal prostitution is a contentious matter…some agree on it, some condemn it but most question it.

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