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Working In Brothels vs Independent Escort Service: Which One is Better?


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Prostitution occurs in a variety of forms, and brothels and escort services are some of those forms. But what’s the difference? Which one is better, safer and riskier? Let’s explore the facts on these two forms and see if working in a brothel is better than working as an independent escort.

Brothels are dedicated venues where people come in to pay for sex. They basically serve as a venue which sex workers pay a rent to and have a contract with. Most brothels have a few themed rooms and can include saunas and massage parlours as well.

Legal brothels are highly regulated by law and are generally safer than working as an independent escort although this not always the case especially when the brothel’s management ignores the safety of their workers and allows dangerous situations to develop.

The good thing about working in a brothel is that they provide better security for their employees. The sex worker’s clients are screened even before they get to them and they also don’t have to market themselves as the brothel handles that for them. They will also be in the company of people working in the same field who can offer advice or help in certain situations.

The downside of working in a brothel is that they don’t get to keep the lot to themselves. They will have to give part of their earnings to the “house” or the brothel owner. They also have a boss and a set of rules they need to follow.

Sex workers opt to work in brothels for safety reasons. Security plays a big part in this profession that’s why others choose this route than go independent.

Independent escorts on the other hand work for themselves and do incalls and outcalls. They do the negotiating themselves and get to choose their own work hours. In other words, they are in control and work on their own terms.

Escorts working independently earn more than those working in a brothel. Independent Escorts set their own prices and get to keep their profits since they’re self-employed. They also have the power to pick the clients they work with, and since they have flexible hours, they get to pick their days off too.

The downside is that they don’t get to have much protection and can get hurt if they don’t screen their clients. Being independent also means that they have to market themselves and find their own clients. And as if being alone with a stranger isn’t dangerous enough!

Now which one is better? You be the judge.

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Escorts Sydney: How Do They Keep in Touch?


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Escorts provide a range of companionship, whether just having someone to talk with or someone to have sex with – but we’re already aware of that. What’s more interesting to know is what escorts really talk about when they’re not at work. How do they communicate with each other? What do escorts talk about exactly?

Escorts are normal people like us. They do what we do and they talk about anything just like us. They keep in touch through emails, phone calls, chats or tweets, so basically, they communicate the same way we do.

For instance, escorts Sydney have conversations about their experiences. It could be as universal as life in general or good and bad experiences from clients. Most of these escorts also express their frustrations to their co-escorts and in the process shares and teaches each other a thing or two about escorting – which could be very helpful in their line of work. This is the best way to learn the trade and to also learn from the mistakes of other escorts. Some days, they just want to say hi and see how the other is doing.

The internet has been a great instrument for escorts to communicate with each other. Social media networks play a very important part of any escort’s life today.

Here’s an example of typical twitter exchanges from escorts Sydney so you get a glimpse of how they communicate.

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Almost anyone I know has their own social media accounts. Some created their Facebook accounts reserved only to friends and family and a Twitter account to chat with everyone, from the next door neighbour, to perhaps their favourite Sydney escort?

Escorts in Sydney have their own community where they share ideas, thoughts and feelings. This is also a way for them to communicate with other escorts. Surely there are escort community pages available out there where escorts can join in on message boards and chat for discussions on certain topics (frustrations, confessions, anything and everything). After all, who better to understand them but their co-escorts right?

At the end of the day, escorts have normal lives outside their work. So for the very curious minds, it’s really simple. Escorts talk and communicate just like us – the only difference perhaps is how sexy the conversation goes!

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