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The Best Forms of Adult Entertainment


adult entertainment

Adult entertainment is an ever-expanding billion dollar industry that feeds into our natural curiosity and active interest in sex, and while many find it taboo, the reality is it’s here to stay.

Here are the best forms of adult entertainment we have today…

From the sweet 18 to the hot, classy cougars, there is an escort for everyone. Escorts provide intimate companionship and sexual services that will satisfy every hidden desire. If you’re looking for an erotic experience, escorts will ignite your day or night.

Red-light house, bordello, house-of-ill-repute, whatever you call it, brothels are places where people go to engage in sexual activity with a sex worker. And with some of the best 5-star brothels in Australia, even the richest men in the society enjoys pleasurable moments there.

Watching Porn
There are a number of reasons why porn can be an attractive past-time. Porn indulges a sexual fantasy. Whatever fantasy one may have is played out by watching porn, indulging a person over and over simply by watching it on replay. It’s the most common solo sexual activity and yet is much better for a partner – or is it just for habitual losers?

Sex is considered a significant exercise for burning calories, which means sexercise may be a much more enticing alternative to going to the gym. Get a decent workout by having sex and you’ll not only burn calories and lower your stress level, but keep your heart pumping and your partner happy.

Phone Sex
Sex on the phone is a pleasure in the imagination. People engage in phone sex because it enhances the sexual fantasy experience. If you want to spice things up in the sex department, try phone sex. Go ahead, pick up the phone!

Sex Toys
When you need a little help to take you over the edge, sex toys might just do the trick. Sex toys are fun and can be used to enhance masturbation or sexual relationships.

advocates good old-fashioned love between couples and is perhaps still the best form of adult entertainment there is.

Attending Sexpo
Sexpo is a fun and vibrant sexuality and adult lifestyle exhibition where you’ll be able to meet and see a range of international performers in all aspects of adult entertainment. Attending Sexpo is a must, take it from me.

Bondage Clubs
Step into the world of safe, sane and consensual bondage and BDSM when you enter The Kastle. Bondage clubs are adult venues where they’ll let you indulge your fetishes and revolting urges without judgment. Intriguing? I know!

Enjoy Sydney By Night
King’s Cross has been known as the drugs and red light capital of Australia. You’ll find strip clubs, topless waitresses, adult bookshops and tacky nightclubs there so visit Kings Cross for a trashy night out or just generally explore the dark side of Sydney.

Strip Clubs
Showgirls, table dancers and strippers are just some of the reasons why men go to strip clubs. Men are highly visual and most of them fantasise of beautiful naked women which are found in strip joints.

Erotic Massage
It’s not your typical massage, it’s a massage with a happy ending. Erotic massage is a broader sexual service which is provided to achieve orgasm through oral sex, hand job or sexual intercourse.

Sexting is the modern day kinky love letter. It may be the newest kid on the block but it’s quite popular among teens and adults alike because it’s exciting, especially to people who feels sexually deprived and horny.

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Sexercise: Lose Weight the Most Enjoyable Way



If you are too busy to go to the gym frequently and too unmotivated to exercise, good news! Sexercise is an exciting alternative to the gym that could make you lose weight and keep it. Research conducted by lead author Julie Frappier from the University of Quebec in Canada found sexual activity can be effective way of burning calories compared with moderate intensity exercises.

The study found out that men expend 120 calories and women up to 90 calories during half an hour of sex, both men and women reported that sexual activity was highly enjoyable and more appreciated than 30-minute exercise session on the treadmill. Scientist believes this study could help health professionals recognize sex as an important aspect of overall health and quality of life of an individual.

Knowing what part of your body you need to target your efforts is the first thing to making sex-driven weight loss plan work for you. Certain sex positions do work your muscle groups. If you happen to have flabby arms, then try a position that has you supporting yourself in that way you put strain in your arm and tone your biceps. If your butt is your problem area, try a more adventurous standing position. Even missionary position can give you a good glute workout by squeezing. Be creative, the idea here is to make you burn calories and feel pleasure at the same time.

Sexercise is a great workout; it gets your heart rate up even if you’re not having extremely acrobatic sex. It uses most of the muscle groups to help you lose weight. Muscular contractions during sex work the pelvis, thighs, buttocks, arms, neck and abs. By alternating sex positions each partner gets an even workout.

Sexercise is also a terrific app on the web to help you lose weight by having sex. This app is available for iOS users. This app is an illustrated version of more than 70 sex positions that can help you lose weight. Each sex position is meant to target a specific part of your body, you can probably design a fitness regime based on these positions. Some of the positions are designed to help the male lose weight and some are aimed at weight-loss for the female. Some positions are so intense and extreme, that a 30 minute session could help burn 300 calories!

Regular sex has many health benefits; it boosts your immunity by releasing a higher level of the antigen immunoglobin that defends your body against colds and flu. It also releases feel good hormones and endorphins that lower stress levels, improves overall mood and fights off depression.

Too much cortisol boosts appetite for high carbohydrate and high fat foods. These extra calories are stored around your midsection. Sex helps control cortisol level and calms your blood pressure. Sex releases the hormone oxytocin that helps regulate sleep. Getting enough sleep help you lose more fats while dieting. For women losing excess weight can enhance arousal, orgasms and overall sexual satisfaction. Even modest weight loss can boost a man’s testosterone levels and reverse some erectile dysfunction.

According to the researchers sexual activity may potentially be considered a significant exercise. This study could also have implications for the planning of intervention programs as part of a healthy lifestyle by health care professionals. So if you want to lose weight the most enjoyable way, you may be better off heading for the bedroom rather than the gym.

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